Being the youngest artist exhibited at a major show at Tate Modern in London, Francisco Rodrigues da Silva or ‘Nunca’, is a heavy weight of the international street art scene. Over the years he developed an artistic identity and rose to fame in his hometown when his figurative murals portraying indigenous people popped up on walls all over the city. Nunca’s works can be found on his collaboration with URBAN NATION on Project M/10 in 2016.

Born in São Paolo, Brazil, he started off as a member of a graffiti crew when he was only a teenager, with his art Nunca attempts to confront modern day Brazil with its native past. Using a mix of antique etching techniques, in reference to the conquistadors who used the same to portrait the New World, and local iconography with modern treatment, he carves, embosses and paints admonishing pieces all over Brazil. However Nunca does not only look back. Many of his pieces can be seen an appeal to the masses to question social, political and economic realities as well as consumerism and capitalism. A self-taught artist, Nunca, meaning ‘never’ and being an affirmation of his determination not to be bound by cultural constraints, lives and works in São Paolo.

Nunca - Andy Valmorbida